Art Deco Festival Napier  
Presented by Hawke’s Bay Airport

16th – 20th February 2022


The Art Deco Festival will have a selection of new events that can operate under the Red Traffic Light Setting live for purchase next week.

The Art Deco Trust Welcomes you

Art Deco Festival Napier

The Art Deco Festival Napier hosted by the Art Deco Trust is one of New Zealand’s largest and most iconic events. This unique Festival is recognised nationally and internationally as a bucket list event.

 Set in an idyllic location with the stunning surrounds of the Hawke’s Bay Art Deco architecture, this sets the scene for the most magical immersive celebration of the year.

The whole region steps back in time to experience what life was like between 1920 and 1940 as part of the Napier Art Deco Festival.

The Festival programme is constantly being developed to create new and exciting events for a diverse range of guests.

art deco festival napier 2022


Enjoy the Festival’s revelry and festivities of the Soundshell from the comfort of the Garden Bar. Located on the Lower Lawn, overlooking the ocean and perfect viewing for the flying displays. See what the Festival Garden Bar has on offer here. 



Here are our plans to operate under the Traffic Light System for the Art Deco Festival Napier. Follow the below link to keep up to date with our Covid-19 Response for ticketed and free events.

16th - 20th February 2022

Art Deco Festival Napier

If you have never been to the Art Deco Festival Napier before, you are about to enter a world of unique and wonderful experiences. There is so much to do and see, whether it’s admiring the vintage cars, watching the vintage aircraft displays, dancing at the Soundshell or just taking in the fabulous fashion, no matter where you go or what you do, the atmosphere is electric. 


FESTIVAL Programme 

Over five days every February this celebration takes over the streets, restaurants, cafés, bars, theatres, galleries, music venues, parks and homes of Hawke’s Bay (and even the skies above) with hundreds of events to choose from.

Here is a few things you need to know

festival info

You are about to enter a world of unique and wonderful experiences. There is so much to do and see, whether dancing at a show or admiring the vintage cars. All you need to know is right here

exactly how you deco is up to you

How will you deco?

Whether you’re an avid Art Deco enthusiast, love the romance of a bygone era (and a good dress up) or simply want to kick back and have a great time with family and friends in our lively little region, exactly how you Deco is up to you.

All the action from previous festivals


Take a look back in time at some of the best shots from previous Art Deco Festivals. 

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