Winter Deco
Photo Competition 2021

A free to enter competition that will be held over Winter Deco and entries will close after the 25th of July, that gives you a whole week to submit your photo.

We have some incredible prizes lined up worth $250+
The prizes for this competition are a choice from the following three options:
  • Two tickets to next year’s Mission Lawn Jazz Party (it’s a big deal, trust us)
  • A custom made Art Deco poster & graphic design of our competition winners
  • A Vintage Car Tour gift voucher (suitable for us to 4 passengers)
The winner will have their photo showcased on our social media and uploaded to our website labelled as the official Winter Deco Photo Competition winner 2021!

We are so excited to see what submissions will come through. Application submissions are simple and free; post your photo on Facebook or Instagram with the Hashtag #HowWillYouDeco or send us an email with your submission to We think the best option is to do both, just to be safe.

Photo Competition Rules:
  • You must use the hashtag #HowWillYouDeco or email in your photo submission to
  • Photos must be family friendly and Art Deco related
  • Photos can include animals, people, cars and buildings or feature an Art Deco event but MUST include a shot of at least 1 person or more. We are looking for something that really shows ‘How will you Deco? You are still welcome to hashtag images that don’t contain people but unfortunately these will not be entered into the competition and instead will simply be there for the public and yourself to enjoy.
  • If you’re entering a photo that contains other people you must have their express permission.
  • The photo you are submitting must be your own or if you are submitting a photo on someone else’s behalf, you must have their permission and give us the correct information in order to credit them.
  • Finally, just have fun! It’s Winter Deco so the streets will be full of wonderfully like-minded individuals enjoying Art Deco.
We would love to share your pictures (provided you grant us permission to do so), please state whether you are happy for us to share your content on our page and include the details that you wish us to credit back to.

Take Pride, take part and take action. Let the spirit of Art Deco Shine on!

Last Year's Photo Competition Winners
Last Year's Photo Competition Winners during the Napier Art Deco Festival
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